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We are a small company specializing in Java applications. This forum software is the fruit of labor of many developers from Yasna Inc. and including those outside of Yasna Inc.
Although this software is maintained by developers from Yasna Inc., new feature development and enhancement requests are only done based on external requests. We maintain this project on volunteer basis and take no responsibility for its fitness of use. Please read our license agreement.
This forum software is 100% pure Java.

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Yazd Discussion Forum Software Features
  • Online setup and configuration
  • Content filters for:
    • html code (convert the html code into displayable text)
    • profanity (filter a customizable list of profanities to filter them out)
    • url coverter (convert the urls to actual links) and more
  • Search facilities to search for keywords in the forums
  • Auto Login for easy login of members
  • Log-off users
  • Group setup and management ensures easier maintenance for users and permission setup for the administrator.
  • Moderation, so you can delegate the content moderation to a specific user.
  • Password protected Administration and Configuration Area
  • Complete web based administration
  • Web based feature customization
  • Personal profile and profile editing for users.
  • New posts flag to identify new messages
  • Database backend gives excellent performance and stability. Yazd uses JDBC to communicate with the database. Currently supported databases include Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQLServer, Sybase, Interbase, Hypersonic SQL, Pointbase, Informix and Postgres.
  • Database connection pooling ensures faster database access.
  • Caching ensures faster performance.
  • Using the skin technology you can customize the look and integrate Yazd into your site seamlessly.
  • 100% pure Java and JSP provides easier maintenance and ensures it operates under different environments. Tested platforms include: Apache with Tomcat, JRun, IBM Websphere, Weblogic, iPlanet, Resin, and Enhydra.
  • Using the WAR application deployment instead of manual installation.
  • Integration of new version of Lucene 1.3
  • Moderation through the user skins, instead of Admin tool
  • Grouping of the forums
  • E-Mail notification back to the user
  • Approval process for the moderator before the message is made viewable
  • Sorting of the threads by "Posted Date" and "Last Message"
  • Preview the message before posting
  • Header and footer field so that comments or ad tags can be added for each forum.
  • Number of different user properties are captured and displayed in the vodka skin (IP, city, country, gender, last login etc.)
  • A count of how many times the thread has been read is added.
  • Internationalization for Vodka skin: the user can change the language setting on their account and the forum instructions and information changes to the correct language.
    Please note that currently the following languages are implemented:
    - English (Canadian)
    - English (US)
    - French (Canadian)
    - Chinese (Simplified)
    - Arabic
    - Spanish
    - German
    - Danish
    - Norwegian
    - Italian
  • Time Zone: the user can change their time zone, and the dates and postings will appear according to their time. For example if I post a message according to Toronto time 1:00PM, the user with a time zone in California will see that the message was posted at 10:00AM California time.
  • Easy integration: You can integerate Yazd into your existing user-base without modifications.
  • Preview the messages before the message is posted on the forum
  • Search through All the forums
  • Capture the real IP address of the user. (The IP address behind the proxy).
  • Users can watch a forum and be notified as soon as there is a new message posted.
  • Users can be notified as soon as there is a reply to their post.
  • The forum can be configured to block users from posting messages rapidly (spamming the forum).
  • The user who originally created the thread of messages, can rank responses to other messages.
  • The new users would get an e-mail notificiation with a verification code and need to verify it in order to post a message in the forum.
  • There is a verification image code for creating a message. This will ensure that the forum can't be spammed with new accounts.
  • New users can automatically become members of groups. This makes the administration of the forum easier.
Note:This product includes software developed by CoolServlets.com (http://www.coolservlets.com).See the license

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